Who are the members of CCW? They are women from varying backgrounds, with varying training.

Consisting of Project Managers, Architects, Lawyers, Engineers, Estimators, Other Professional Associations, General Contractors, Consultants in Cost, Electrical, Envelope, Lab, Code, Mechanical, Developers, Maintenence, Recruiters, Students, Tradeswomen and more….


Why Join Canadian Construction Women ?

CCW provides members with opportunities for support, mentoring, networking, community involvement, learning and development. CCW acts as a resource about construction and exists to attract and retain women in the industry. We have and are continuing to create, with the active participation and enthusiasm of our members, a vibrant organization that supports women in or wishing to be in the construction industry.

What do you receive in return by joining CCW?

  1. Discount monthly event costs
  2. Corporate or individual exposure
  3. Member Directory of contacts representing a cross section of the industry
  4. Professional affiliation
  5. Voting privileges
  6. Discounted rate with our Insurer of choice bClear benefits
  7. Discounts at Marks, National and Enterprise Car rental. More to come in the future as we grow and develop
  8. Our newsletter, Under the Hard Hat, which is issued monthly to keep members informed of upcoming events and industry news